Over this past summer whenever I’ve had my nieces over and I was babysitting them I would try to keep them outside as much as possible. That makes it a little hard for them to do artwork. I always try to encourage them to do is be created as possible, but I guess it just made me more creative figuring out how to do art outside. Of course we use sidewalk chalk because that’s a given but I also found this thing that is a liquid chalk like a gray bottle shock that you can great picture and on the rare occasion when I’m feeling a little frisky I have given them silly string, and I think we can all remember what that is. Over this past weekend I had them draw in the street, a little town with houses and other buildings and streets. I helped with the forest because it was kind of hard for them to be able to judge the distance that the street and building should be but this way we could build our own little town and they could ride their bikes through the streets of this tiny little town that we drew in the street. I got the idea from when I was in the garden my school had a little town painted in the street and we got to ride our power wheel through it I always had so much fun doing that, our town didn’t quite live up to the one that I had when I was younger but it works for.

Next time they visit they are coming to town for a wedding of a family friend. The grooms name is Jim and he owns a garage door repair company. Commerce, MI is the location where the wedding is taking place which is quite a hall for myself but it should be a good time.

I feel art is one of the best ways to express yourself whether it’s with a pen, pencil, paintbrush, word, song or with your body movement. Call me kooky but I even consider my side business artistic in nature.  I run a photo booth in my spare time and love adding the graphics and logos to the photo strips because it is a way that I can put my own spin on the way they look.


Any form of art is like a release for your mind. I’m a strong supporter of all types of art I encourage everybody to take on any form of art whether you want to play an instrument, sing a song or write a book. You could be any type of artist. I recommend it strongly encourages. It makes me sad that in school when they have to cut budget the art program music program are the more the ones that are first to be cut with their budget, children need a way to release their energy to express themselves and art and music and writing is one of the best way for them to be able to do that. Even though all of these types of art are very competitive business. Whether you’re a dancer, an artist, musician or writer. It is super competitive but you can still make a mark doing what you love if you only stick with it. This is why when my nieces come to visit or I am beat them we always do some art project sometimes we play music and we danced all day went to raining or it’s in the winter but when it’s nice out I always make them go out and do some sort of activity whether it’s art or just playing outside they’re not at the age where they can write my order me she knows her out but she is not close to be able to writing anything once they are able to read and write well and can form sentences and whatnot I will be having them writing as well is any kind of art project. I believe that people need to be able to express themselves some do it violently but if I feel that if those individuals took the time to write something down Sing-a-Song Dan or to create anything they would be much happier person. I know that my nieces always have the best time when they’re with me I let them be as creative as they want and I always pray for their work because art is in the eyes of the person who is created I am not one to say that something is bad because in their mind it was the perfect thing to create at that moment and you should never discourage that!!!

Stepping stones are a great way to decorate your garden. If you don’t know what these are, the are just decorate stones that come in all shapes and sizes for your garden. You can put them anywhere, as a path from your patio a shed or pond or just randomly in special spots. They can come already decorated  or you can buy them as a kit and decorate them yourselves, they decorations are endless, you can pretty much get any sort of art on them that you can think of. These also make great projects for kids. Trust me, my nieces and I have done these a couple times and they always have fun with them.


I have also been thinking about doing one for my dog. He is about ten years old now but he is really sick. He has some major issues like pancreatitis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, he is and is prone to ear infections. If we don’t keep up on cleaning his ears, he will get an ear infections. So every week we clean them, he also has to get two insulin shots a day after he eats, his food we buy online because it is a specially made food for dogs with diabetes and pancreatitis, he gets two medication a day along with a probiotic.  Now many of you are thinking, we do we even bother, and to those that think that should never have a pet. We bought him when he was just two months old, that made us responsible for him, to care for him and treat him right. He got sick when we turned six years old. I have had many people tell me that they would have just put him down, my response to that is “It’s a good thing then that he is not yours”. I would never kill a dog or any animal for that matter just because they are not easy to take care. So anyways, since we have figured out everything that is wrong with him and are now medicating all the issues, he has lived four more years after he first got sick, I know that he will not be around for much longer because the odds are totally against him, so I have been thinking about getting this pet memorial garden stepping stone kit. You basically make it all yourself and you can even stick your pets paws in the cement so you will always have them. I totally love this idea.

It also is great for other members of your family or for friends. If you have had a grandma or mom that loves her garden, and who doesn’t? Then you can have all the kids or grand kids put their hand prints on them or their feet and make a couple to give to mom or grandma, they will totally love. It’s an inexpensive and thoughtful gift. The ones that I made with my nieces we did a couple for their mom and for the grandmas, each person got two. I let them pick out what design that wanted to do, then I had them put one had print in each. These were small so with all the decorations that came with it, there was only room for just one of their little, tiny hand prints. Each girl gave one to the grandmas and mom for Mother’s Day. They were the hit of the day. So if you see these in the stores, totally grab one and have fun with it, either keep it for yourself or give it a gift, the receiver will surely love it!

Thanks for listening,


My parents have just recently moved out of our childhood into a smaller house more suitable for their retirement. While I was helping them pack we came across many decisions on what to keep, what to donate and what to just throw away. We were making good progress until we came to the boxes of the art projects that me and my brother did in school. There were just a couple of boxes but it seemed that my mom kept everything that we ever made in school. Like the turkeys we made out of our hands for thanksgiving, drawings of self portraits we did that have our favorite things listed, there were even a couple story books that we wrote and drew pictures for. My mom and I sat upstairs in the attic for so long going through all the stuff and laughing, she wanted me to take all my stuff with me to my house. I told her that I was not going to do that, she had saved it all for us to have we when grew up but really she saved it so she could remember us when we were little. I have no space or really a need to get all the school projects at my house, I told her to just keep them for a little while longer so she could decide whether she really wanted to give them away.

This got me thinking about other parents who save all of their kids art from school. I’m sure most parents do this, I was thinking if they kept everything or just certain things because no child is going to remember all of their projects from school, especially when they are all grown up. So the week after I was helping my parents pack up their house, I asked my fellow co-workers that have children about what they save. All of them save the artwork, they will usually put what the kids are really excited about on the fridge, the things that they bring up as soon as they get home go on the fridge. Other things that the parents see in the tote bags they will keep but they we stay out for the holiday or for just a couple days. They will keep the fridge worthy items for as long as there is space on the fridge then will replace certain ones every so often. I asked them how long they plan to keep them and if they save them for the kids or themselves, surprisingly, the answers we all pretty much the same. They said that they planned on keeping them forever and for the most part themselves but if their kids wanted to take some they could but if not when it became time they would just throw them away.

I do not have kids and I do not plan to have any kids but I have two nieces and I can honestly say that I have kept all of the things that they have made me. I have no idea how long I plan on keeping them but them in random spots at home and at work. I have a piece of yellow lined legal paper that one of my nieces drew just scribble lines all over, there is no rhyme or reason to it but I have it at work so I can look at it everyday. I also have a book that my cousin made me, she is twenty years younger than me, for my wedding. It is a book full of drawings of flowers and of her and me and it’s all about how much she loves me. It is sitting on my bookshelf with all of my other books. This I will probably keep forever. So I get it, I get the emotional attachment you get when your child or niece or whoever makes you something. You want to frame it and show it off to everyone. But you can’t because in reality no one other then those who are close to the child will understand why this particular piece is so worthy.

I cannot be sure that in twenty years I will not have a box somewhere where all the art that was created just for me will be stored, I do know that there will be certain pieces that I will keep that held a special emotion for me somewhere.




This is got to be one of the best forms of art. 3D art is so amazingly cool. I have never seen anything as awesome as 3D art. All artist are extremely talented but 3D artist are in a class of their own. To be able to create art that looks like real life is so cool. This has to be one of the most modern and stylish art forms around today. I’m in awe of any person that can create art, simple because I do not have a creative bone in my body. But the first time I saw 3D art I was speechless. I have never before loved any art the way that I do 3D art.


Something as simple as a picture on a wall that makes you think that something is coming out of it or that something is behind the wall that you can get to, is so astonishing. The coolest ones are when the artist creates art on the ground. We have all seen art outside on the ground that looks like a pit of some sort and you feel that you will fall through the ground when in actuality you won’t because nothing is really there. Or on a wall of a building when the artist makes it look like some sort of creature is about to destroy the building. It blows my mind. It takes a certain mind set to be able to create art like this. We all remember as well all those 3D pictures with the dots, that when you stare at it long enough you see the hidden picture. Those were a huge hit for a time, they were every where and you had to look at it at a certain angle to see the picture. I’m sure many of you bought one but the fad didn’t last long but it opened a door to other forms of 3D art.

Even the pencil drawings that we see all over the web that look like they are literally coming off the page are stunning. I can’t even imagine the time and energy that goes into each of these drawings. Pictures that come alive when you look at them are revolutionary to the art world, so much so that more artists are creating 3D art everyday and the technology they use is getting better and better.

Now we have 3D printers which literally makes your art creation come to life. You simply, well maybe not just simply, just plug in your creation into the computer and the printer kicks out your art. You can seriously design anything and the printer will bring it to life. I know that a lot of computer knowledge goes into each design with codes and what not but as long as you know what you are doing with that part your design can be made and produced. They are fully functional, how much use you can get from each design depends on how well you made it in the first place. They each, at least will get a couple of uses. However, the better the design the more use your creation will have. This is the proof that is you dream it, it will happen.

Thanks for reading!


I do not have any kids of my own but I do have two beautiful, wonderful, amazing and hilarious nieces. The oldest is one is Katie who I call Katie Kernel and she is six, the youngest is Jane who I call Jane Bean and she is three. And I love them. Whenever I get to watch them we are always doing some sort of art project. It is always the best time, so much so that for my last birthday they drew a picture for me in secret and had it turned into a bookmark because I love to read so much, it made me cry.

Katie has progressed so much in her work, I used to not be able to decipher what she was drawing but now I can tell, with Jane I can’t but always no matter what I pretend that I can and that whatever they put on paper is the best thing that I have ever seen. Ever. I love all the crazy pictures that they come up with. It never ceases to amaze me the creativity that kids have. I am now starting to let them use paint, it was hard because of their age difference, Katie has the sense to use paints in a civilized matter but Jane doesn’t. It hasn’t been fair for Katie to not be allowed to use paints and it’s hard to make her understand that if she uses paints then Jane has to use paints and Jane really shouldn’t use paints. Some days are easier and some not so much but now that Jane is three I feel I can hover over her like a hummingbird and watch her while Katie goes to town with paints. So it works now, somewhat.
scribbleshappy face

Like my grandma I never tell them what to make but I usually do have them make multiple artworks,  this way we can give them to people or keep for ourselves. I have found that they love making art for their parents, this always makes them the happiest so mom and dad always get a a picture or some other project that we do and then the grandmas and grandpas get a picture. Sometimes they will make one for a friend or neighbor. I rarely get one, I’m assuming it’s because I am the one that they are with, so that’s why it meant so much to me that they made me that bookmark. It was really special to me.

Bonus tidbit: Last time that they came over Katie told me in no uncertain terms that when she grows up she wants to be a painting contractor, those exact words. Too Funny!

I always look forward to when I get to babysit them, it’s the best when they come to house because I treat it like a sleepover, we have our fun art project, we go to the park, then after dinner we make popcorn and watch some new Disney movie, for bed I always let them stay up past their normal bedtime and the three of us all sleep together, this is their favorite part.   Turns out it’s not my husbands favorite part because he sleeps in the spare room when they stay over but secretly he loves it because he calls me a bed hog and blanket thief  so then he gets the spare bed and covers all to himself.

That’s it for now,


I have found that I’m have no idea what style of art is my favorite. It’s just usually what draws my eye. I do not have a favorite artist as well.  I do know that abstract art is my least favorite. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Most of the time its just a bunch of color or shapes or both in a mish mash pattern. I could do that. Actually anyone could that. Or anything thing. While surfing the web the other day I came across a website that had animals  painting abstract art. If animals can do it then what is the big hoopla about abstract art?   I just don’t get it.

I have heard people tell stories about how abstract art makes them feel some sort of an emotion, about how sad or happy or depressed they get when they look at it. What?!? For real?!? That is just the silliest thing I have ever heard. Its basically just shapes and colors or if its a sculpture then it’s just shapes. I don’t understand how that can evoke any type of emotion out of people to the point where they would spend thousands of dollars on a piece. So much to the point where I have asked others about their opinion of abstract art, I got a lot of people that have the same opinion as me, that they don’t understand why it’s so popular. However, I did receive a good opinion from a friend of mine who loves abstract art, you could say that he put it in a different perspective for me.

He says that abstract art can be neither right or wrong. No matter what, it is all in what you perceive from it. You could look at the same painting, sculpture or whatever and get a different feel every time. It all depends on what you see on that particular day. I can understand that. That makes sense to me. But I still cannot understand why it’s so popular or why people send so much money on it. I can understand that certain people can feel emotional from art, I guess the fact that I don’t is one reason why I haven’t turned out to be a good artist and the reason why I can’t fully understand abstract art.

Please leave me a comment if you feel you can help me understand what I am missing because I would like to understand. I would like to know what it is that makes this so great. Thanks,

Kira                                                            abstract

OK, let’s get started here, I’ve mentioned before that I do not have a vast knowledge about art. I was a dancer when I was little but just tap, jazz and ballet and I gave that up when I got older. I have dabbled with drawing and painting but quickly learned that it was not my forte. I now just stick to coloring with crayons and staying in the lines! But I’m here because art still fascinates me, it boggles my mind how you artists can be as  good as you are. You are truly talented special people and I would love to express my gratitude that I get to enjoy along with you in the only way available to me, as a spectator. So not only is this for my grandma, it’s for all you artists out there as well! So thank you!

_ Painting during the 2010 Celebration of Art. Hosted each year by the Grand Canyon Association, the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art is an annual event that includes 6 days of art related events followed by a month long exhibition in Kolb Studio on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The Celebration of Art features thirty artists from around the country who engage in a plein air competition and exhibition. Visitors have the opportunity to watch the artists paint as they seek to represent the shifting light and shadow, amazing land forms, and vibrant colors of this vast landscape. Each artist brings a completed studio piece with them and then creates more artwork on site during the "Plein Air on the Rim" and Quick Draw events that takes place in the historic district of Grand Canyon Village. During the auction that follows the Quick Draw event, Visitors have the opportunity to bid on the work and to bring a piece of Grand Canyon home. NPS photo by Michael Quinn. For more information about this year's Celebration of Art visit: http://www.grandcanyon.org/celebration.asp 2012 Dates: Artists "Plen Air on the Rim" September 8 - 21 Exhibition & Art Sales September 14 - November 25, 2012